The 'Great Beings'

Native to

Unknown solar system


Unknown, though master inventors


White through grey

The Great Beings (real name unknown) are a technologically advanced alien race (origin unknown) who entered the Solis Magna solar system in the Bionicle Galaxy around 120,000 years ago.

Pre-Shattering Edit

Upon arrival in the Solis Magna system, they found the populated planet Spherus Magna, and decided to use it as a construction ground to build one of their project ideas: the Mata Nui robot. While investigating the planet's primitive inhabitants from orbit and whether they would mind them doing this or cause any threat to the Great Beings' motives, they discovered that the majority of the population (the self-named Agori and Glatorian) were being terrorized by a dream-consuming being called Annona. About to leave to find another planet to work on because they had never encountered anything like Annona before, Annona sensed the Great Beings' presence from the surface and tried to absorb their dreams and creativity from there. In the moment the Great Beings fought back using a piece of their technology which focuses creativity and imagination, which they feed back into Annona's consciousness. Terrified as a result of the backlash, Annona flees underground and the Great Beings decide to proceed with their mission. This piece of equipment would later be crafted into the first Kanohi mask, the Mask of Creation.

Landing their spacecraft in a mountain range on Spherus Magna, the Great Beings travel down to the nearest settlement and demand a meeting with their leader. They get one, and because the chief of the village has never seen alien beings before (let alone ones as powerful as them), he has no choice but to agree to their terms. The Great Beings are satisfied, and they venture into the desert where they lay out their plans for the robot. They send a signal into space which alerts the Kestora (servants of the Great Beings who owe them life-debts), and so the Kestora enter Solis Magna and land in the orbit of Spherus Magna. Their 'ship' has the appearance of a red star. Its primary function will be to transmit power to the Mata Nui robot.

The Great Being's building plans and the arrival of a new star in the sky quickly becomes the talk of all the surrounding villages and so the Great Beings get a lot of attention, and within days are worshiped as gods. The Great Beings decide to make use of this willing force by giving volunteers jobs as builders for the Mata Nui robot. They announce this to the Agori (but not the Glatorian) but say that before helping they must be "modified to suit the task". Still in awe and fear, the Agori agree, so many are teleported into the Red Star and given mechanical parts to replace body parts, eventually giving them the appearance of robots. They are also given iron masks to wear (a signature of the Great Beings' creations). This new workforce, dubbed 'Matoran' by the Great Beings (a word which means 'villager' in their language) was transported down to the surface. The non-modified Agori agreed to a similar upgrade to help them survive in Spherus Magna's climate, which was going to be a mainly exterior one. The Great Beings did this to not only them, but everyone who had not been fully upgraded. Within days, the entire population of Spherus Magna was to some entent biomechanical, including the animals.

The newly-created Matoran were put to work building the Mata Nui robot, and using the organic remains left over from the upgrading process, the Great Beings created Tren Krom, a telepathic being based on the data gathered from Annona, to oversee the creation of the robot and the six Element Lords to keep the Matoran and Agori in check.

Shortly afterwards, the Great Beings held a meeting in their hidden spaceship in the mountains. One Great Being, Angonce, reported that during an upgrading session on the Red Star an accidental electrical surge was delivered to a red Matoran, which altered his mechanical parts and grew his organic parts to the size of a Glatorian, while also unlocking an element in his DNA (this Matoran was a red Agori who like to have their homes near volcanoes and hot places) which gave him complete control over fire. The electrical surge also applied power to his decorative mask, which left it with an eerie glow and its own unique power to be used by the wearer. Staggered by this discovery, Angonce christened this new being "Toa" meaning "hero", as he realized that if he made more like him that they would be a suitable replacement for the Element Lords once the Matoran made their new home inside the robot. Angonce applied the same level of electrical charge taken from the ship's systems to another blue Matoran, and it had the same effect on her. She doubled in height and developed strong powers of hydrokinesis as well as her mask gaining its own unique power. Toa was found dead an hour later: his heartstone had been savagely ripped out and there was a deep gash along his neck. It was assumed that he had ended his own life with Kestoran surgical equipment found in the room after being overwhelmed by his new abilities. His partnering female experimentee simply said "He was depressed" when asked. The word Toa became used as a name for their new species instead of the name of one being. When asked what her name was, the blue Toa replied "Helryx".

When Angonce proposed to the others that the Toa should assume the role of the Element Lords inside the Mata Nui robot (he liked to call it the "Matoran Universe"), they agreed. Angonce's aide, Heremus, also suggested that since the Red Star energy can be contained inside any object that they should create "Toa Stones" to give to Matoran to create new Toa where they are needed. This was also agreed upon, but the idea was later changed so that a few Toa Stones would be given freely to select Matoran upon completion of the Mata Nui project, and later Toa Stones would have to be created by the Toa themselves, at the cost of giving up their power for someone else to use.

Angonce and Heremus immediately began creating Toa Stones using samples of the Red Star's energy after the meeting. Ten were created, intended for use by the first Toa team. The next morning, Angonce and Heremus tamed two beasts near their fortress, aptly named Sand Stalkers, and rode down to the construction site to greet their loyal workforce. The Element Lords were making sure they were building correctly and on schedule. Heremus questioned each of the Element Lords on which workers were the best, and that they should be sent down from the immense scaffolding to meet with them below. By mid-day, eight Matoran were selected of different elements: Air, Lightning, Iron, Water, Fire, Sonics, Stone and Gravity. Two of the Toa Stones were missing at this point without an explantion, but Angonce expected an unknown thief. They moved on with their plan and handed a Toa Stone to each of the eight Matoran, instructing them to focus their mind on theirs and try to unlock its power. This succeeded for some quicker than others, but within a few minutes each Matoran's body had absorbed the energy and, as predicted, had transformed into Toa. They were given their new purpose, with the Toa of Air, Lesovikk, selected as the leader. Helryx was transported down from the Red Star and refreshed and cleaned the hard-working Matoran with spurts of water from her fingertips when required of her, though she found this demeaning. A Toa of Psionics was discovered hiding inside one of the unfinished chambers in the lining of one of the robot's legs, and dragged out to face Angonce with a cold Toa Stone in his hand. Fuming, Angonce declared that he would separate the genders from each Matoran species as a monument to Orde's thievery. This was done efficiently and mercilessly.

Deeming Angonce's punishment to the Matoran greatly immoral, the other Great Beings forebode him from working directly with Matoran mechanics in the future, though it was too late to reverse the gender-changing process he had already put in place. Angonce was withheld inside the Great Beings' spaceship for a few years before being allowed out to continue to help oversee the project as a result.

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