Welcome to the Kon's BIONICLE Wiki

This wiki is currently a work in progress and is only used by me, King of Nynrah, as a way of documenting my ideas and work for my planned (cartoon or 3D) animation series based on BIONICLE. I am currently in Stage 1: Creating the characters and drafting the story. This is the period when I create the personalities for each and every appearing character based on LEGO's representation of them, but not taken directly from it.

After that I will move onto Stage 2: Writing the scripts. Similarly, the story is heavily based on the story that LEGO and Greg Farshtey created, but some details differ and the finished project will feature much original content and expansive ideas. It's not going to be a word-for-word copy of any storybooks or online serials, is what I'm saying.

Finally will be Stage 3: Creating the animations. This will be the longest stage. My ultimate goal is to finish with a series that original fans love while making it accessible to people who have never heard of BIONICLE.

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