Konicle is the working name for the project. I guess this page will also serve as a kind of update blog.

July 26 2012 Edit

Right now I have two choices: Cinema-quality 3D (which I will be capable of) or cartoon animation. I haven't decided yet. Although cartoon would be easier, would it necessarily be better? I don't know. I might even make two test runs, each using one of the two methods.

One thing I've decided though is that the major focus should be on the mythology of BIONICLE - similar to the way in which the Lord of the Rings film trilogy was presented. After all, that was the main point of interest for long-time fans. My target audience will be teens and adults who have never heard of BIONICLE, or who don't know it well, while still being the treat of a lifetime for existing BIONICLE fans. All is going well.

April 19th 2013 Edit

Almost a year later, I have been given many more opportunities to learn all about character modelling and animation, and I plan to study them heavily. Much brainstorming about my proposed universe, science, mythology and characters is being done, and I've come up with some brilliant ideas in the process. Soon I may organize the storyline of BIONICLE into separate series and their contained episodes, roughly.

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