Mata Nui
Mata Nui learning about the Universe

Native to

Spherus Magna


Creating life


Grey (robot)
Gold (Glatorian)

Mata Nui was the most prominent of the Great Beings' creations. Designed to run the Universe, Mata Nui's spirit lived in the form of a gigantic robot body.


Having been created by the Great Beings, Mata Nui in turn created the Makuta, beings to help him shape the Universe. Leader of the Makuta was Teridax, the "brother" of Mata Nui.


The Mata Nui robot is built

The natives of Spherus Magna, called Matoran, were seemingly without purpose, so Mata Nui blessed them with The three virtues: Unity, Duty and Destiny. Mata Nui was hailed as a god by the Matoran, and the Makuta began to get angry and jealous. Their work was not getting rewarded. Unknown to Mata Nui, the Makuta began plotting against him and, when the time was right, Teridax sent his "brother" into a deep sleep, crashing the robot's systems and sending him falling onto the planet of Aqua Magna, where he slept for years and years. An Island was built over his face, one of the only parts of his body showing above the water of the planet. The island was named Mata Nui, after the great spirit himself, and Matoran were brought to live there.


Mata Nui falls into Aqua Magna

As the years went by, Mata Nui's grip on life slowly faded. His spirit died although the body remained. However, a Toa named Matoro used the Mask of Life, sacrificing himself to bring the Great Spirit back to life. But before the reborn spirit could go back to its body, that of Makuta Teridax's slipped in first and Mata Nui's spirit was forced into the Mask of Life itself. And so it was that when the robot was finally awakened, Makuta rose instead, and using the incredible powers of the robot, he hurled the Mask of Life, with Mata Nui's spirit trapped inside, across galaxy to drift in the cosmos. Perhaps by pure chance, but the Mask landed on Bara Magna, the largest chunk of Spherus Magna. On Bara Magna Mata Nui used the Mask to create a new body for himself, a body roughly the size of a Toa.

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