The Shattering

Spherus Magna is the only planet in the Solis Magna system. It orbits Solis Magna.

100,000 years ago it was fractured into three parts in an event called "The Shattering", as a result of most of the Energized Protodermis being drained from its core. It had been immensely cracking for days, so in a panic the Great Beings rushed to enable the Red Star's built-in tractor beam technology. When the inevitable happened and Spherus Magna split into three sections, the Great Beings used the tractor beams to:

1. Keep the chemical compounds which the atmosphere was made of together, but split it into three and instantly wrap one part around each segment of the planet to keep the inhabitants alive.

2. Capture the drifting oceans and plantlife and split those up into three too among the planets. This failed due to a glitch in the tractor system so instead of sharing them among the three segments of the planet, all the oceans were dumped on one segment and all the plantlife was dumped on another, leaving the third segment almost completely barren, with some but little water and plantlife. This was no panic to the Great Beings however, as the atmosphere given to the barren segment was capable of producing rain and holding in the air.

3. Lock onto the suffocating life forms that had been catapulted into space and transport them down onto the middle barren segment.

The barren segment became known as Bara Magna.

The ocean segment became known as Aqua Magna.

The jungle segment became known as Bota Magna.

1 year ago, when Mata Nui assumed control of the prototype Mata Nui robot on Bara Magna, he used it to reform Spherus Magna and destroy Makuta Teridax simultaneously.

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